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Often, even the most successful business can find itself in a cash flow squeeze.  Billings are out, but no money is coming in.  ASI/Accounts Receivable can easily solve that problem.  This openitem system is designed to enter, edit and post invoices, credit memos and cash receipts automatically.  Because it simplifies both clerical efforts and the entire collection cycle, ASI/Accounts Receivable can dramatically improve your company's cash flow.

ASI/Accounts Receivable simplifies collections by:

  • Identifying Delinquent Accounts.  ASI/Accounts Receivable provides a listing of all outstanding receivable balances for four aging periods.  Maintains an on-line notes system by date and time where you can keep unlimited notes.
  • Providing an Aging Report by Salesperson.  Your salespeople will find that this report is especially useful for following up on open accounts.

ASI/Accounts Receivable simplifies clerical efforts by:

  • Simplifying Updating of Receivables.  ASI/Accounts Receivable can be integrated with the ASI/Sales Order and ASI/General Ledger packages.  Accounts Receivable is automatically updated after invoicing.  Appropriate summary figures are then posted to the General Ledger.
  • Speeding Up Access to Customer Information.  Simply typing in the customer name or number gives you immediate access to the invoices, payments, credit memos and adjustments for that customer.
  • Improving Flexibility in Applying Funds.  Outstanding credit memos can easily be applied to existing invoices.  Payments made on an account can be applied to specific invoices at a later date, so you can update your system at any time.
  • Tracking Open Items.  Detailed transactions on each item are retained after a zero balance is reached.
  • Printing Routine Customer Information.  On command, the system prints a master file listing of all customers.  This report serves as a permanent record of the customer history.  Mailing labels for customer mailings are readily produced.
  • Maintaining Salesperson Management Resources.  ASI/Accounts Receivable keeps a two-year history of sales, costs, and commissions by sales category per salesperson.  Includes commission calculation, tracking and reporting.
  • Maintaining Customer Data.  ASI/Accounts Receivable stores credit information, four aged balances, highest credit extended and a five year sales history for each customer.  You may set the system up with 2 different aging options: Monthly or Daily.
  • Customer Account Controls.  You can apply credit limits, invoice item limits,  pay shipping,  allow back-orders,  shipping and sales tax information.  The system supports Bill To and Ship to accounts – maintaining sales information at the detail Ship To Customer level.
  • Sales Tax tracking for both Invoice Sales and Sales Adjustments.  Sales Tax controls by customer.
  • Email Customer Invoices and Statements

Key reports generated by ASI/Accounts Receivable (all reports provide totals by department and grand totals for the company):

  • Cash Receipts and Adjustments Journal
  • Sales Journals by Customer or Salesperson
  • Commission Reports
  • Detailed Aging by Customer
  • Summary Aging by Customer
  • Detailed Aging by Customer within Salesperson
  • Summary Aging by Customer within Salesperson
  • Customer Statements
  • Customer Master File List
  • Customer Name and Address Labels
  • YearEnd Sales Report by Customer
  • Sales History by Salesperson and Customer Comparing This Year to Last Year in Customer Summary or Invoice Detail
  • Salesperson Report by Sales Order for Each Month


ASI/Software: Distribution


  • Daily Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

ASI/Sales Order

  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

ASI/Accounts Payable

ASI/General Ledger