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Maintaining a clear, up-to-date picture of your company is important, especially since financial conditions change so rapidly.  However, with some systems it can take hours or even days to learn exactly where your company stands financially.  But with the ASI/General Ledger software you can prepare updated balance sheets and income statements within a matter of minutes.  You can monitor your company's bottom line whenever the need arises.

ASI/General Ledger not only simplifies the entire accounting procedure, but also produces reports that allow you to examine your financial picture in detail.

ASI/General Ledger simplifies accounting by:

  • Integrating With Other Financial Packages.  ASI/General Ledger interfaces to other ASI packages, such as ASI/Accounts Payable, ASI/Accounts Receivable,  ASI/Property Management and ASI/Payroll.  Transactions from any these are accepted into the General Ledger through automatic posting.  With the ASI packages, your company's accounting system can be completely automated.
  • Eliminating Paperwork.  Transactions are entered online and automatically posted, minimizing timeintensive clerical work.
  • Improving Posting Flexibility.  You can post transactions to any month in the current fiscal year; you are never "locked out" of posting to that month.  As a result, you can correct and update previously processed transactions.
  • Verifying Journal Entries.  All General Ledger transactions, whether entered in ASI/General Ledger or posted from another package, go into journals which can be checked before they are updated to the General Ledger files.
  • Providing Accounting Period Flexibility.  Accounting periods do not need to coincide with calendar months.
  • Handling High Dollar Volumes.  ASI/General Ledger can process any account balance, budget amount, or financial statement amount up to 2.1 billion dollars, and any single transaction amount up to 9.99 million dollars.
  • Retaining all Detailed Transactions.  For convenience, these transactions can also be summarized to conserve disk space and processing time.

ASI/General Ledger improves financial control by:

  • Providing Accurate, Current Information.  ASI/General Ledger generates balance sheets or income statements on demand.  Balance sheets show current month vs. previous month amounts.  Income statements show current period and year-to-date figures and can optionally show budget comparisons.
  • Including Company, Department and Branch Capabilities.  By creating individual accounts for each department and branch, you can maintain a separate ledger and produce divisional financial statements for internal use.  These statements can be consolidated into a single company statement for financial reporting.
  • Enhancing Financial Analysis.  In addition to updated balance sheets and income statements, ASI/General Ledger prepares a number of other detailed financial reports.  These reports show performance for the current month and year-to-date, compare amounts in each category to total revenue, show actual vs. budget comparisons, and compare this year's and last year's performance.
  • Financial Report Driver.  If you prefer your own report formats, you may design your own multi-column financial reports with this feature.
  • Recurring Journals,  Auto-Reverse Journals,  Generate Account Distributions, Journal Print Report
  • General Ledger Transactions - Detail and Summary; All or Selected Accounts with export capability..
  • Financial Statements: Balance Sheets and Income Statements - Current Month Actual, YTD Actual, Percent of Sales, Actual vs. Budget, Current Year vs. Previous Year YTD
  • Budget
  • Chart of Accounts


ASI/Software: Distribution


  • Daily Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

ASI/Sales Order

  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

ASI/Accounts Payable

ASI/General Ledger