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As your company grows, so does the difficulty of maintaining accurate inventory records.  Valuable inventory can be lost or misplaced.  Because of large amounts of inventory on hand, it is often impossible to know whether or not a particular item is in stock.  ASI/Inventory solves your inventory management problems.

This automated, online system puts you in full control of your inventory, even at multiple locations, and helps you to optimize your inventory investment.  It also helps you maintain inventory records more efficiently and economically.  And it is powerful enough to handle your company's future growth.

ASI/Inventory is tailored for wholesale/retail distributors managing large inventories.  As such, it is designed for full control and tracking of quantities, costs, and selling prices of parts, cores, and assemblies.

Purchasing at the right prices and with the right terms are essential in today's changing economy.  Inefficiencies in either area can easily affect profitability.  Yet monitoring price changes, evaluating vendor performance, and increasing turns to maximize profits is very time-consuming, if not impossible, with a manual system.  ASI/Inventory includes a complete Purchase Order Module designed to handle all those complex problems and more.  This system provides the tools you need to cut inventory, improve cashflow, and reduce purchasing related costs.

ASI/Inventory simplifies clerical efforts by:

  • Updating Inventory Records.  After each transaction the system automatically updates inventory records by item and by warehouse.
  • Maintaining Accurate Inventory Control Data.  At a glance, you can examine inventory data such as lead time, safety stock, order point, order quantity, average cost, and two years of sales history.
  • Building Kits and Assemblies.  Functions to build and disassemble assemblies let you keep accurate records of components and finished assemblies.
  • Substitutions and Suggestive Selling.  The system keeps a record of potential interchanges and related-part selling information.  The information is used in ASI/Sales Order, ASI's order entry and invoicing package.
  • Complete access to quantity and cost changes with person, document, date and time information.
  • Make adjustments individually or in batches for more accounting detail.

ASI/Inventory optimizes your inventory investment by:

  • Increasing Control Over Inventory Investment. This system gives you greater control over your inventory investment by providing timely reports.  For instance, the Inventory Status Report prints information on the availability of an item, and the Inventory Value Reports provide the current value of your inventory for each warehouse.
  • Improving Ability to Evaluate Inventory Items.  Low stock and slow moving items are highlighted by exception reports.

ASI/Inventory improves customer services by:

  • Retrieving Availability Information Instantly.  You can confirm and assign stockonhand while talking with a customer on the phone.
  • Updating Cost Information.  You can choose between 2 different costing methods: Replacement cost or Average cost.  If you are using the Average cost method, the average cost of an item updated as new items are stocked.  Current costs as well as average costs are maintained.
  • Product Catalog Information.  You can load all products available from your suppliers with current pricing for automatic creation of new inventory stocking items at the time of sale, quote or purchase order.  Your staff will have answers to customers price questions at their fingertips.

ASI/Inventory streamlines purchasing procedures by:

  • Reducing TimeIntensive Paperwork.  The system reduces the need for paper files because it stores complete details on all purchase orders, by vendor and part number, electronically.
  • Simplifying Routine Functions.  Purchase order entry and maintenance is done  through a consistent, "friendly" interface.  ASI/Inventory prints regular, special, and blanket purchase orders.  Confirmation copies of telephone orders and duplicate copies of orders can be printed on demand.  Optional EDI interface provides means to submit Purchase Order electronically to the vendor.
  • Simplifying Changes:  Standard online editing means you can modify or correct information in the files at any time.
  • Powerful Part Number Change, Combine and Delete manages part number changes throughout the entire system.
  • Recommending Purchase Orders.  At the beginning of each day your purchaser can have a computer printout of needed inventory based on a complete analysis of vendor scheduling, lead times, review times, class code, replenishment path, manually frozen items, sales history, and open orders.  ASI/Inventory uses an understandable and reliable forecasting algorithm for recommending optimum order quantities.  It allows for easy adjustments, reports exception parts, controls multiple-location inventory replenishment paths, and processes non-inventory parts.
  • Receiving Purchase Orders.  Quantity and cost data are updated automatically at the time of receipt.  A report shows all customer orders waiting for specific parts received.  ASI/Inventory can be interfaced to ASI/Accounts Payable for automatic entry of  invoices, saving duplicate effort.
  • e-Business EDI interfaces set-up on request:
    • Electronic Purchase Order Submission
    • Electronic Inventory Activity For Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Electronic submission of Daily Sales
    • Electronic Receipt of Purchase Order Acknowledgement.
    • Electonic Receipt of Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Optional Bar Code Scanning Module provides integrated bar code scanning for Purchase Order Receipts , Physical Inventories and Order Picking.  Electronic Bin control is an additional option within this module.
  • Optional Serial Number Tracking Module
  • Optional Core Managment Module for Customer Core Tracking and Banking and Used Core Management

ASI/Inventory Key Reports:

  • Price Sheets - up to 8 levels.   Core pricing up to 4 levels.
  • Physical Cycle Count Controls with  Reports and Screen Entry - based on vendor & part type, class, or bin location
  • Value Report
  • Projected Value Report based on lead day changes
  • Core Value Report
  • No Activity Report
  • Surplus Report
  • Assembly Report
  • Substitution Report
  • Quantity Change Log Reports
  • Batch Adjustment Reports
  • Exception Reports for costing, negative quantity on hand, and profit levels.
  • Price Update from Vendor Diskette or E-mail.
  • Part Year to Date Sales, Cost and % Composition Report
  • Vendor Sales Analysis Reports including  Optimum Inventory Value, Gross Profit, Turns and ROI
  • Open Purchase Orders By Purchase Order Number
  • Open Purchase Orders By Vendor Part Number
  • Re-order Report by Line Point and/or Re-order Point
  • Computer Freeze Analysis Report
  • Replenishment Path Central Purchasing Report
  • Non-inventory Purchase Report
  • Purchase Order Receiving Report


ASI/Software: Distribution


  • Daily Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

ASI/Sales Order

  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

ASI/Accounts Payable

ASI/General Ledger