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As a company expands, payroll obviously becomes more time intensive.  Not only are there more employees to pay and more deductions to calculate, the number of pay periods and compensation methods usually increases as well.  And government and union regulations add yet another dimension of complexity.

That's why ASI/Payroll can be so beneficial.  It streamlines the entire payroll process by providing all the features of a good payroll package.  And it includes several additional features that make it a very powerful, functional system.

Together, these features let you simplify payroll preparation and accounting, generate detailed payroll reports, comply with tax regulations, and protect employee confidentiality.

ASI/Payroll simplifies payroll by:

  • Minimizing Clerical Efforts.  ASI/Payroll automatically performs all payroll calculations, such as gross pay, withholding taxes and deductions, for each employee.  Fourteen earning categories (such as regular, overtime, vacation, doubletime, etc.) are provided, and up to ten miscellaneous deductions (with deduction limits) can be included.   Optional automatic interface with employee time and labor card tracking.
  • Enhancing Flexibility.  ASI/Payroll can handle multiple pay periods, including weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, four week period, monthly, and even daily.  It manages hourly, salaried and commissioned employees.
  • Print Payroll Checks or Process for Electronic Automatic Deposit.  After payments are processed, several reports are printed to verify the check transactions and provide an audit.
  • Accommodating Exceptions.  You can alter any system generated transaction before checks are printed.  You may enter information for employees that were paid with handwritten checks to update employee history.
  • Recording All Checks.  The Payroll Register records the hours and dollar amounts of all pay types for each employee.  It also lists tax withholdings, deductions and net pay.
  • Reconciling Checks.  Each month, the system reconciles checks that have cleared the bank.  Then a Check Reconciliation Register and a Voided Checks Register are printed automatically.
  • Reducing Paper Record Keeping.  ASI/Payroll maintains and updates all employee records in computer memory.  Along with basic information such as name and address, working area, withholding exemptions and deductions, pay type and period, these records include hiring and termination dates, pay rate, and available vacation and sick time.  Also listed, if applicable, are union membership, pension or profit sharing participation and any earned income credits due or received.

ASI/Payroll generates payroll reports which:

  • Summarize Payroll by Division, Department, and Union.  The summary provides detailed reports for every employee in each segment of the company.  Figures reported may be current, monthtodate, quartertodate or yeartodate.
  • Detail Deductions.  Separated by company divisions, the Deductions Register lists each employee's deductions in detail.  This report can also reflect current, monthtodate, quartertodate and yeartodate figures.
  • Details Labor Per Job.  The Labor Distribution report shows you the hours and dollars expended on different jobs.
  • Summarizes Weeks Worked (for States Requiring These Reports).   Weeks Worked defaults can also be easily updated.

ASI/Payroll enhances tax compliance by:

  • Summarizing All Payroll Taxes.  A Detailed Tax Summary lists taxable wages and amounts withheld, by employee, within the department/division.  Totals may be printed with current, monthtodate, quartertodate or yeartodate figures.
  • Simplifying Tax Routines.  ASI/Payroll computes taxes for compliance with federal, state and city tax laws.  Also, tax formulas can be adjusted easily when regulations change.
  • Simplifies Tax Form Preparation:  The system enables you to print reports and forms required by the government.  These include quarterly and yearly reports.

ASI/Payroll protects employee confidentiality by:

  • Limiting Access To Information.  Payroll history screens cannot be accessed unless the operator uses a high security signon code and password.

Key reports generated by ASI/Payroll:

  • Employee Detailed List
  • G/L Transactions from Payroll
  • Changes to Employee Master File
  • Labor Distribution
  • Mailing Labels
  • Voided Check Register
  • G/L Accounts for Pay/Deductions
  • Check Reconciliation Register
  • Chart of Accounts Lists
  • QTD/YTD State Tax Summary
  • Union/Local Master List
  • Quarterly Wage
  • Division/Department List
  • QTD/YTD Federal Tax Summary
  • Weeks Worked
  • DE3B  Report of Wages
  • Labor Proof by Job/Class
  • W2 Wage/Tax Statement
  • Payroll Checks
  • Payroll Register
  • Deductions Register
  • Detailed Tax Summary
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Codes List
  • Transaction Proof by Division/Department
  • Transaction Proof by Employee

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  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

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  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

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