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The heart of your business: tenant,  building and investor management for residential, commercial, condo and mixed buildings.  Reporting for multiple companies and partnerships with consolidated options.  ASI/Property Management does it all!

  • Tenant Management:  Automatically manages monthly rents, move ins and move outs, vacancy controls, charges for garages, utilities, condo fees.   Prints Leases and Delinquency Notices.   Unlimited tenant notes section for special tenant specific information and/or credit history tracking.
  • Property Management – Property costs can be controlled by building or by unit.   Automatic invoice allocation tables, recurring payables, automatic owner payment through ASI/Accounts Payable help make cost control and allocation a much easier task.   Cost control reports are optionally available to the unit level.
  • Investor Management – ASI/Property Management system pulls information from Tenant Management, ASI/Accounts Payable and ASI/General Ledger to produce Investor Statements by property by investor.  Investor formatted detail Rent Audit reports are also available.  Automatic Accounts Payable investor checks are generated based on percent ownership.      Investor 1099’s can be produced on forms or transmitted directly to the IRS FIRE system – consolidated by investor

ASI/Property Management options:

  • Web Interface for Property Managers, Employees and Investors.  Investors & specified Employees have access to prior months investor statements and rent audit reports.   Deliver Investor documents over the web with e-mail notification. Priority Users have access to Current Interim Investor Statement - making the current financial picture always available and easy to display.  Priority Users also have access to other pertinent Complex, Ownership and Unit information.
  • Web Access to Accounting System.  For remote users, this offers the ability to work on  the road or from home having the same access privledges in or out of the office.
  • Standard U/SQL reporting capability enables you to generate and tailor your own reports.  Data can be integrated with any ODBC enabled product such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports.  Mail merge form letters can be generated via Microsoft Word.  Spreadsheets and graphical analysis available through Microsoft Excel or a similar product.

ASI/Property Management features:

  • Monthly automatic charge batches, automatic move-ins and move-outs.
  • Tenant Documents: Lease Printing, Renewal Notices, Delinquency Notices, Vacate Notices
  • Tenant Check-Out Sheets with automatic Refund and Forfeit Check generation and coding.
  • Investor Documents:  Investor Statements, Rent Audits,  1099 Forms & Reporting
  • Management Reporting for: Pre-Paid, Past Due,  Move Date, Start Date, Expiration Date, Rent Roll, Rent Audit.
  • Time Saving Features: New Rent Update,  Automatic Charge Generation for Late Charges, HVAC, Security Deposit Interest and Management Fees


ASI/Software: Distribution


  • Daily Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

ASI/Sales Order

  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

ASI/Accounts Payable

ASI/General Ledger