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Designed for wholesale and retail distribution companies, this highly interactive point-of-sale system automates the entire order entry and invoicing process.  Not only does it minimize clerical efforts and improve customer services, but it also enables you to analyze sales and profitability.

ASI/Sales Order reduces clerical efforts by:

  • Simplifying Entries.  With a single point-of-sale entry, ASI/Sales Order lets you print documents, check and maintain open orders, review customer data, and adjust selling prices.  It automatically updates sales history files and posts inventory and A/R information to ASI/Inventory and ASI/Accounts Receivable.
  • Preparing All Documents.  In addition to printing invoices, ASI/Sales Order can produce sales orders, acknowledgements, packing lists and credit memos.  All documents can be e-mailed.
  • Executing Audit Trails.  The system automatically prints a daily copy record of all invoices with detail.  Printed in the form of a register, this report not only documents business activity for auditing purposes, but helps you measure sales on a daily basis.
  • Providing Flexibility for Change.  You can modify any line item even after you enter the order, alter the pricing structure of virtually any category, add special messages to personalize orders and invoices, and override a customer shipping address or shipping instructions.
  • Managing Inter-Branch Orders.  ASI/Sales Order automatically handles all of the accounting transactions involved in transferring inventory between locations of your own company.

ASI/Sales Order improves customer services by:

  • Displaying a Complete Customer File.  At a glance, you can see the nature, date and status of your customer's outstanding orders, including any items that have been backordered.
  • Checking Customer Limits.  ASI/Sales Order automatically checks pre-set credit and invoice item limits.  An authorization code is required for order entry if the customer is over a limit or delinquent in paying.
  • Adaptable Customer Pricing.  ASI/Sales Order offers both power and flexibility in establishing standard selling prices, by customer, part type, product line and other variables.  In addition, "special pricing" can provide both temporary and permanent override of standard prices, based on a wide variety of criteria.  Rebate pricing by customer and product line or specific part.  Velocity pricing can be applied by class code to inventory products.Comparing Open Orders Against Current Inventory.  A crosscheck automatically identifies which backorders can be filled and shipped, thus improving customer response and converting inventory to revenue.
  • Preparing Backorder Reports.  A report summarizes order backlogs, by part or by customer.  This information helps you to fill orders as quickly as possible.
  • Distributed Processing by Warehouse.  Each branch does its own pointofsale invoicing but has access to the master customer and inventory files.  In case of a problem at one branch, processing can continue at all remaining locations.  Every evening each branch can update its accounts receivable files.
  • Core Tracking and Banking.  ASI/Sales Order maintains core transaction history and current record of cores outstanding by customer.  Cores are automatically controlled for your customers.  You control core return date rules.
  • Substitution and Related Parts Suggestive Selling.  If the part requested is not in stock, alternative choices are displayed on your screen.
  • Service Shop Forms, Unit/Vehicle Tracking & Repair/Parts History, Employee Time and Labor Card Tracking
  • Rebate Control.  Rebate items are printed on a report ready to mail to the manufacturer or distributor.  Appropriate accounting entries are made for rebates.
  • Warranty Control.  A warranty report contains items flagged.
  • Complete Customer/Part Sales History.   On-line sales history extends a full 24 months back.  Reports by Salesperson, Sales Region, Vendor, Customer, Customer Groupings and selectors, Part Type, specific Part #’s, with gross profit and percentage change analysis, sorts by qty, cost and $ volume of sales and export capability.
  • Complete Non-Inventory Part Control for sales, purchasing, and forecasting.
  • Optional modules include Bill of Materials, Serial # Tracking, Web Catalog Sales, UPS Worldship Integration

Key reports generated by ASI/Sales Order:

  • Sales Orders, Shipping Papers, Invoices, Credit Memos
  • Fillable Orders
  • Backlog by Vendor and Product Report
  • Backlog by Customer Report
  • Backlog by Order Number Report
  • Shipped but Not Invoiced Reports
  • Sales Register  By Customer and Invoice
  • Extensive Sales History Analysis by multiple variables, sorts and selectors.
  • Non-Permanent Parts Sales Report
  • Core Tracking and Banking Reports
  • Warranty Reports
  • Rebate Reports
  • Special Pricing Report and Special Pricing Expiration Report
  • Customer Price Sheets with export capability.
  • Inter-branch Order and Receiving Reports


ASI/Software: Distribution


  • Daily Forecasting
  • Purchasing
  • Multiple Location Management
  • Serial # Tracking

ASI/Sales Order

  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Sales History Analysis
  • Core Tracking and Banking
  • Service Shop with Unit History Tracking
  • Shipping Integration

ASI/Accounts Payable

ASI/General Ledger